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Music Lyrics


Meri sass gayi hai
ow jane kaha
na jane kaha
lost in the celebration
of the love generation

Meri saas gayi hai
ow jane kaha,
lost in the celebration
ye of one nation
its the love generation
we the love generation

Hey, Hi, hello
Welcome to the sound of the nations
Alright, lets roll
are you down for a celebration
just hold tight, cuz we bout' to take off
tonight's the night, can you hear stars applause
for a new worlds, wonderful thoughts
not marked by cast, creed, colour or war

See, when I was I kid,
they told me this & that, do it
see now I'm no more a kid,
so everybodys gotta know it

I bleed love, 365 days
freedom ki lat hai muje
so here we go
3,2,1 say hey hi, hello
to the love generation(x2)

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