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Music Lyrics


Well I just got back from Mexico
In time to catch her second show
But I got lost and she got through
There was not nothin else to do

'Til I saw her, she took the stage
Read my mind, didn't miss a page
Read my mind and
did not miss a page

My temperature was risin' and she looked so good
I ask her please and she said she would
I ask her when and she said now
I knew it was a dream but, anyhow

Then she took me by the hand
Lead me to some promised land
Fenced me in and closed the gate
Gave me good reason to celebrate

She fed me wine in a coffee cup
I could not keep my britches up
She said that's all right just leave em down
I have not had a man around

In quite a while
Don't touch that dial
Her face was purdy when she would smile
Her face was real purdy when she would smile

Well her hair was big and her eyes was blue
we made it to her swimmin pool
We made it to it and made it in it
She would not let me rest a minute

Says you can rest some other time
and I was feeling' so sublime
There was no way that I could refuse
She found my weakness and she hid my shoes


Thought I couldn't but I somehow did
Thought about hidin' but I couldn't get hid
She got me up and pulled down the cover
and read me a book about some ladies lover

Then she threw down the book and opened up the bottle
took off the brake and put on the throttle
fed me cheese from a pedigreed herd
Took me to Jamaica with the dying bird

The moon quit shinin' when the sun comes up
That's all I can remember but its quite enough,
to keep me warm when I'm too old
To keep me warm when I'm too old to
Keep me warm when I'm too old to
Keep me warm when I'm too old to
Do it anymore

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